75000 Antutu Benchmark Monster: YUNDOO Y8 RK3399 TV BOX at GearBest: Rockchip RK3399 Dual Cortex-A72 + Quad Cortex-A53 64-bit CPU

We have compared most of the Android TV boxes on the market, including many well-known TV Boxes and most of the cheap no name Android boxes. YUNDOO Y8 Beats Them ALL!!! (This is a 75000 Antutu Benchmark Monster) At An Unbelievable Price Point in consideration of the same performance, speed and quali[……]

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iPhone X Pushes Apple Into New Territory on Price

With the $999 iPhone X, Apple moved to a new premium level of pricing. The smartphone will cost $300 more than the iPhone 8 and $200 more than the iPhone 8 Plus.

While that will be too expensive for many people, the company said it saw the iPhone X defining a new era for the smartphone, much like t[……]

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HP Elite Slice Review: Mighty and Modular Mini PC

The HP Elite Slice ($699 starting, $1,217 as tested) puts the power of a business desktop into a tiny package. It offers all sorts of business-friendly features, with a modular design that lets you mix and match to get your ideal system. Options include a DVD/CD drive, a module that serves as a secu[……]

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Hands on: Voyo VMac Mini PC review

You can’t fault Voyo for trying its best: the Chinese company is attempting to differentiate itself from the constellation of other PC makers out there, unveiling the Voyo VMac Mini PC earlier this year. The name is obviously a crystal clear reference to Apple’s popular Mac Mini.

Not that Voyo’s[……]

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