ACEPC AK1 vs HP Elite Slice, more cost-effective but with similar power and fundtions

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ACEPC has released a new desktop box called ACEPC AK1 mini PC that puts the Mac mini to shame in terms of size and expandability.

ACEPC AK1 is a mini-PC that lets users add features just by snapping external modules onto the main box. No more unscrewing the chassis just to add a component.

The prices of ACEPC AK1  run from $185 to $499 now.

Moreover, Mac mini starts at $499 and goes up to $1,499 if you add a Intel Haswell 3.0 GHz i7 CPU, 16GB of RAM, and a 2TB Fusion Drive. Perhaps Apple doesn’t sell enough Mac minis to make an upgrade worth its time and effort, but selling a few is better than selling none.

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