Apple TV Alternative – Android Smart Box Offers More in Budget!

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Apple Fans Beware! If you don’t want to hurt your feelings, don’t read further. But if you are willing to keep aside your feelings and find something efficient, Apple TV Alternative is what you will find here. To enlighten you, we want to put light on why products from the house of Apple are costly and has less features.

Apple is an excellent brand for the luxury seekers!

Costly might be luxury. But it is not necessary that every luxury is necessary to be costly. Products of Apple are costly because they prioritize invention. Now their manufacturing cost is way low than what they tag for sale. Why is it so? The below points will justify this fact.

* Apple is a popular brand because it spends way too much money on Ad Campaigns.
* You can find some of the patented innovations with Apple. Apple buys patents from other programmers who charge a high amount!
* As their yearly turnover is high, they pay a lot of taxes. All of it comes from your pocket!

Why some people don’t opt for Apple products?

When the necessity is to serve your purpose, there are many other better options in the market. If you do a quick survey about the manufacturing cost of an Apple smart phone, it is more than 50% less than what you pay! Moreover, considering the configuration, they are way too less as well.

Everyone is not earning high. Many people live a mediocre life with only necessary amenities. For them, luxury is waste of money. But still to make life easier, smart gadget manufacturers are striving to lower the selling price.

Apple TV Alternative – Android

A smart TV box is one of the most sought after device. It can turn your idiot box into a smart one with the blink of an eye. Here again some people are happy with Apple TV boxes. They have money, so they love buying apps from the Apple App Store.

With our Android TV Box, you get free apps. It is because, you get Google Play Store and you can download free apps. Moreover, we offer lots of free channels and Add-ons! When it comes to converting your TV into a smart Device, you will want the liberty to do whatever you wish. With our Apple TV Alternative smart TV box, you can play games, surf the internet and much more. In short, it is the future of entertainment with excellent hardware specs within your budget.

A Quick Overview of our Apple TV Alternative – Android Smart TV Box’s Specifications

$ 99.00

Power Cord and Remote

HDMI cable

1.8 GHz Quad-core + GPU

2 GB

8 GB

Dual-band Wi-Fi Ethernet

HDMI 1080p

1200 + free channels

Google Play Store

3x USB 2.0

Card Reader Slot

Web browser

Considering the above specs, they are way more than what Apple has to offer for $ 99.99. Moreover with Apple TV Box, you get no HDMI cable and no internal storage. The RAM is way too less i.e. 512 MB only. With only 30+ channels, Apple is nowhere near Android TV Box Add-ons.

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