How to add subtitles to Kodi TV Box

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If you’re a regular user of Kodi, you’ll know all about the best add-ons, and how powerful the software is in general. But, you’ll aslo know it’s still a little rough round the edges. If you want to give it a tiny bit of polish and thus make it even more useful, you can add a subtitles to your videos. In this article we show you exactly how to add Subtitles to Kodi.

You’ll be happy to know that this tutorial isn’t difficult at all. Even better, it’s completely free. Just follow our step-by-step guide and you’ll have subtitles for all your favourite TV shows and films forever.

Estimated time: 60 seconds

Difficulty level: Easy

How to add subtitles to Kodi

From the Kodi homescreen, select the following in the order below:

  1. System
  2. Settings
  3. Video
  4. Subtitles (left panel)
  5. Scroll Down (right panel)
  6. Default TV show service
  7. Get more

(Repeat for Default Movie service)

How to add subtitles to Kodi

Note: When you’re watching a video, click on the subtitles icon in the bottom right. Then download (from You’ll see several different options, so obviously pick the one with the best star rating.

Occasionally the text isn’t exactly in sync with the onscreen dialogue. When this happens click on the subtitles icon again and then select Subtitle Offset. With this you can bring the text forward/backwards until its lined up with what’s happening onscreen.

It’s worth noting that, as its name suggests is a free service. This means that there will be rare instances when the services doesn’t work perfectly. When this happens, and you’re desperate for subtitles, we suggest cycling through the other providers listed back in the home screen settings menu.

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