How to install KODI (or TVMC) on NEXBOX A95X via Smartphone and CetusPlay app

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NEXBOX is a well know TV BOX brand and its most popular model is NEXBOX A95X. Since KODI (or TVMC) is under fire now, NEXBOX A95X TV BOX comes with no 3rd-party apps, i.e. KODI (or TVMC) is not pre-installed in the box any more.

CetusPlay is absolutely a great invention for TV Boxes in 2017, which can help TV BOX users install KOD/ Popcorn Time TV/Terrarium TV onto TV box via android phone.

We know today that  CetusPlay has customized a special app version for NEXBOX, so NEXBOX users can download and install KODI (or TVMC) easily via CetusPlay. This is same to installing Popcorn Time TV, Terrarium TV, Mobdro, UKTVNOW and more.

How to Use? How to Install? As simple as 1-2-3!

Step 1. CetusPlay (NEXBOX version) has two parts. One to be installed on TV BOX, another to be installed on cell phone). Click to download and install:
CetusPlay part 1 to be installed  on TV Box
CetusPlay part 2 to be installed  on Smartphone
(This part’s download QR-code (two-dimension code) will show on TV screen after Part 1 is installed. )

Step 2. Click the CetusPlay icon on smartphone screen, and click Manage Connection to match TV Box and CetusPlay app (make sure they must be in a same WIFI or network), and it will show:
c1  c5

Then, click the menu icon on the left above, and click App Center. It will show as follows. Just click and install the Apps you need.
c2  c3

Please note that TVMC has two versions, one for Amlogic CPU devices, and another for Rockchip CPU devices. For NEXBOX A95X (powered by Amlogic S905X CPU), you should install TVMC for Amlogic.

Step 3. If your TV Box and CetusPlay app are not in a same WIFI or network, it will show an information box to prompt you to connect them (check step 1).

Hope this solution would help all NEXBOX TV BOX users to get more fun from KODI and its add-ons!

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