How to install The Beast on Kodi 17.0: Download the best build on Kodi

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  • Kodi is one of the best bits of streaming software you can get right now, because it’s free, stable and also open source. That means it’s super easy to customise, and a build represents one of the best and quickest ways to get Kodi tailored to your needs. Simply put, a build is a pre-modded and pre-tinkered version of Kodi that comes with all the add-ons you’d want, and The Beast is one of the best. Unlike other builds, The Beast isn’t focused on one particular area of content, and instead gives you a 360-degree choice of everything the family might want to watch. Interested? Here’s how to install The Beast on Kodi.

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    How to install The Beast build on Kodi

    Builds are essentially pre-modded versions of Kodi, and for that reason, it’s usually best to install them straight after you’ve installed Kodi. While it’s possible to add The Beast on top of a previously configured version of Kodi, we’d recommend using a clean install for the best possible performance.

    If you want to download The Beast build to Kodi, it’ll take a bit longer than it used to, but it’s still pretty easy to do. Before you boot up Kodi, now you have to visit either or or and then register with an email address and password. In this tutorial we’ll use the first website. Once that’s done and you’ve verified your details it’s time to open up Kodi and begin the installation process.

    1. To install The Beast, first go to System | File Manager | Add Source.
    1. Select none and then make sure you type or copy and paste the following into the next box: 
    2. Make sure you enter it into the textbox exactly as it is, or it won’t work – and then click Done.
    3. To make things easier in the long run, it’s worth naming the source something like “Beast” at this stage.
    4. Go back to your Kodi homescreen, and then navigate to System | Add-ons | Install from Zip file. A list of folders will appear, but we’re after the one we just added – which should be called “Beast”. Click on it, and then select a file called something like“.
    5. After waiting for a notification that should say “Wizard enabled”, return to the home screen and click Programs and then highlight The Beast Wizard. Highlight and press C, or secondary click this item, and then select Add-On Settings.
    6. It’s at this point that you need to enter the email and password you made the beginning of the tutorial. 
    7. Next, click The Beast Wizard. Once you do that, the build will be extracted, downloaded and installed, and there’s a very good chance you’ll be asked to back up your current skin. After that, Kodi might also need to close and restart, but when it’s back you’ll have a fresh new version of Kodi with The Beast installed.

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