How to install the Exodus addon for Kodi: Get one of the best extensions on Kodi

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Kodi is one of the best bits of streaming software you can get right now, and that’s partly because of how easy it is to customize. Because it’s both free and open source, Kodi is compatible with a range of addons, butExodus really should be one of the first ones you install. Why? Because unlike other addons, Exodus tends to have less broken links, which means you’re more likely to find what you want to watch straight away. Interested? Here’s how to download the Exodus addon for Kodi.

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How to install Exodus on Kodi

  1. To install the Exodus for Kodi, first go to System | Settings | Add-ons. There you’ll see a tab saying “Add source” – click on it.
  2. This method works by pointing whatever device you’re using to a web address, and then using it like a USB stick or removable hard drive. To install Exodus, we’re going to use the web address
  3. Make sure you enter it into the textbox exactly as it is, or it won’t work – and then click “Done”.
  4. To make things easier in the long run, it’s worth naming the source something like “fusion” at this stage.
  5. Once that’s done, go back to your Kodi homescreen, and then navigate to System | Add-ons | Install from Zip file. A list of folders will appear, but we’re after the one we just added – which should be called “fusion”. Click on it, and then select a file called “xmbc-repos”.
  6. Click on the file marked “English,” and then select the file marked “”.
  7. After waiting for a notification that should say “Add-on enabled”, select Install from Repository | Exodus repository | Video Add-ons | Exodus.
  8. All that’s left to do is click Install, and Exodus will be added to your Kodi installation.

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