How to remove a Kodi, How to reset Kodi to its default, factory settings

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Kodi is great because it’s both free and open-source – and the latter is perfect if you like customising things. Although Kodi – or XBMC as it used to be called – can stream pretty much anything from the internet or your local hard drive, there are lots of ways of making it exactly as you want. And the quickest way to do that is to use a Kodi build.

What is a Kodi build?

Simply put, a Kodi build is a version of XBMC that comes pre-baked with all the most popular add-ons already downloaded – so you don’t have to install, tweak or configure anything. While most of these builds work without issues, but sometimes – whether it’s a matter of personal taste, or technical issue, you’ll want to remove them.

Now, you might think simply deleting and reinstalling Kodi would work – but you’d be wrong. It turns out just deleting and reinstalling Kodi makes no difference, so even after reinstalling the latest version you’ll find Kodi boots up looking exactly like it did beforehand. However, getting Kodi to its default settings isn’t possible. Here’s how to remove a Kodi build, and restore Kodi to its factory settings.

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How to remove a Kodi build

1. Before you begin, it’s worth checking if you have the fusion repo installed. If you do this tutorial is extremely quick, but if you don’t, you’ll need to download it.

2. Fortunately that doesn’t take too long, and we’ve also put together a quick tutorial that shows you how to do it, here.

3. Once Fusion is installed, navigate to System | Settings | Add-ons, and select Install from zip. If Fusion is part of your Kodi installation, you should see it on list with other repos. Click on it.

4. On the next screen select Start-here, and then go, with x.x.x signifying the latest version of the zip file.

5. After that’s installed go to the home screen and then Program | Add-ons | Fresh Start.

6. Click OK, and then you’ll be prompted to restart Kodi. When Kodi reboots, you’ll see it’s been restored to factory settings.

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