Nvidia Shield TV, a great TV Box for Gamers

It’s a safe bet Nvidia understands all too well that their $200 Shield TV streaming box is aimed at a couple of very specific audiences. Gamers would be first and foremost, with the little box’s impressive power to play exclusive Android games and stream PC games. The famous PC hardware maker is bet[……]

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2017 Now TV box deals

The Now TV box is a cheap and easy way of getting your TV equipped with a variety of streaming services. At its core the box is a modified Roku streamer, but it’s been focussed more around Sky’s streaming service. Unfortunately this means you won’t be able to stream from competing services like Netf[……]

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Rockchip RK3399 vs Mediatek MT8173

Now, people are talking about the new Samsung Chromebook Pro, or holding out for it to be released.

Both chips are similarly clocked ARM cortex cores. The difference is in the GPU. The MT8173 is PowerVR GX6250. The RK3399 is Mali T-860. The fact is the MT8173 is using older tech. As u/ShineChrome m[……]

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